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25 June '02
13 November '04
30 July '05
02 April '12
04 October '14
25 March '17


chai -  tea

aai - mother in Marathi language

chaiwala - one who sells tea

'mirchi chalegi kya - Will chilli be okay?

'aur newspaper' -  And newspaper ?

'kya baat hai'  - Wow!

'Pareshan na ho, aa jao chai pee lo' - Do not be worried, come have some tea.


tapri - small shop

aamchi - my in Marathi langauge

'Chai ,Chai Garam, Chai Le Lo' - Tea! Hot Tea! have some tea!

autowalas - on who drives an auto rickshaw

The excerpts are from a diary of an unknown person, who is certainly fond of his Chai, and sure remembers to acknowledge his Chaiwala.

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