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a THOUGHT – a bold, erotic, evocative, coarse and brewing idea manifested in the form of a magazine.  A journal focusing on a transdisciplinary approach to communicate diverse outlooks and views of apparent situations prevailing in society – in a subtle yet engaging manner.


The Pulpies



aka Preetanshi Singh

The collaborative seed head with the task of sequencing between story output and visual shifts. The creative vanguard re-imagining the aesthetics of the magazine towards ensuring continuity and coherence of the overall content across the journal series. Performs a focused supervisory role till the post production of the story delivery.



aka Rajeev Malagi

The chief, who uses different lenses -  from organizing discussions, visual narrations as well as counter point perspectives to allow the crew to make artistic as well as technical decisions in a balanced manner. Realizes the narrative and idea of each story in accordance to the intent of the magazine.



aka Maithily Velangi

The backdrop artist of the magazine who ensures that all story discussions, the intent of interdisciplinary shifts, and the collaborative nature of the magazine are consistently adhered to in every series narration and graphical representation.  Responsible for the overall functioning of the magazine, maintaining equilibrium between content discussion and delivery.  



aka Rahul Paul

The initiator for writing the behaviours, actions, expressions, and dialogues of each narration of the magazine. Scripts the language of the stories either through adaptations or observations in a strong descriptive or instructive manner. Outlines the gestural qualities of the stories to nurture and nourish the essence of the magazine.



aka Smruti Balvalli

The primary composer of visual genres of the magazine. The energy conductor who sets up the notes, symphony and wavelength of colours and accents for the graphical narrative of the stories. Orchestrates between narration through words and visuals to ensure the vividness is manifested and communicated across the magazine series.



aka Shantesh Kelvekar

The seed head behind the magazine who overviews the overall performance, content and the reachability to the audience. Working closely with the entire crew, creates an overarching vision and outlook through which the stories are performed, or noticed. Controls, literally, the artistic style and the production output of the magazine.

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