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05_00_WaiWai preface.jpg

Waiwai - a starry-eyed, unpretentious child with a naïve power to reimagine the spaces around him.  He is inquisitive, talkative, mischievous and loves knitting a story. A story for himself and for others. Travel with him across different spaces in the city, be part of his adventure and reimagine those nuances that you may look at but fail to observe.

05_01_Bizzare Bazaar.jpg

Holding onto his Ma’s sari with one hand and his daadu’s kurta with the other, Waiwai swings himself back and forth as he hops past the voice of sellers, the smell of the articles, the colors at display and the variety of hands in constant motion. Pausing for a fraction and glancing through the glasses he utters, “Everything is conversation!”

05_02_Palpable playground.jpg

Waiwai, stood right in the center gazing at all the actions unfolding.  The sport enthusiast, the runner, the laughing group of people, the dog lover and even the normal lover. This assortment however did not daunt him. In fact, with hands on his hips he exuded an air of comfort, for he believed that this ground equally belonged to him.

05_03_Frenzy Fair.jpg

Dazzling lights, glittering visuals, non-stop action and cacophony of sounds drew Waiwai’s attention as he peeped sheepishly holding onto Daadu’s kurta. Observing how this open field had adorned itself for these few days, Waiwai stood in awe, almost jaw dropping. Daadu said, “This is delirious!” Waiwai looking through his glasses said, “Daadu, you mean that it is like a dream?”

05_04 Alert Airport.jpg

Panning across the large glass wall, Waiwai settled and gasped heavily. The gasp accounted for the many moments he experienced till then: guns, beeps, smiling faces, brightly lit spaces, digits, bags, tucked uniforms and even stretched arms. As the breath receded, Waiwai was left with a cheeky smile and said, “thought I was going for vacation!! This feels like school.

05_04_Mall Mania.jpg

Cleaning his spectacles, as he got off the car, Waiwai looked astonishingly at the atrium from outside; he murmured “This is bustling!” As he wandered inside looking at the displays, the decorations, the glass windows, the standing mannequins, and the bodies in motion; the bustle unexpectedly turned into a mental muddle. What changed when Waiwai looked through his cleaned spectacles?

05_06_Zooty Zoo.jpg

Shaping his curly hair upwards and turning his hands to look like paws, Waiwai swirled his head to imitate the lion that sat across from him. As he turned towards the next cage to change into a suitable appearance, Waiwai paused. Swooping a glance across all the animals and the people who hovered around, he excitedly announced, “Fancy Dress Day!”

Wai Wai Recreation Rodeo R2.jpg

Holding tightly onto the safety rail, with eyes wide open, the curly hair rolling up in the air, Waiwai shrieked out loud. He shrieked just like everyone around did, even Daadu! As the voices started to resound the same wavelength after each ride, Waiwai finally quenched, pulled Daadu towards himself and said, “This place is taking us for a ride!”  

191125_Poster _WW_CC.jpg

Standing with his hands folded behind his back, Waiwai gazed at the statue in front. Then turning towards the man, dressed in a cap and rose tucked to his safari suit, he asked, “Wherever I go, you are there! Either your name or your statue. Tell me, What discovery of India are you making, by being everywhere in the city!”

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