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Water War(y) Poster.jpg

“We are at war” – exclaimed the individual, resonated the neighborhood, voiced the community, protested the state and announced the country.  Why at war and what for is the question especially when the access to the resource universally is singular with equal consumption and usage rights to all. Should then we be at war or wary over the issue of water?

What a waste poster - R2 (Opt 1).jpg

Direction for use. Read carefully: At first, try and reduce. Then make a choice so that you can reuse. Following which manage to recycle to help recover from the choice you made at first. For best results, repeat daily – at house, community and city level. If not, be assured that your life and someone else’s too is going to WASTE!  

Ret ka Rate_PosterV2.jpg

In appearance it is a ground for play, a canvas of memories and an identity of lifestyle. While in use, it offers to strengthen the image of development. A strength braced through illegal actions, structured through non-accountable affairs and based on irreversible destruction. At what rate do we want the reality to camouflage with the mirage that we construct daily?

Ravan - Revised version.jpg

From a distance it all looks the same. A natural or reserved land serving production and shelter needs with variations based on the setting. But look closely, and it will reveal a ten headed intelligent kingdom based on cultural and occupational association. A kingdom that is not defined by land occupied but by the degree of human allowance and resistance.

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