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Take a walk, catch a bus, board a metro rail, hire a taxi. Alternately, gaze and reflect while at walk; retrospect and apprehend in bus movement; align and introspect in metro rail; stare and enquire in a hired vehicle. How did one commute: through the actions and modes of transport; or within the modest changes in self-behaviour patterns and emotions.


Bang, Boom, Bump, Thump, Wham…. Purr, Hump, Whish, Whoosh, Zoom, Swoosh, Screech!! Smack, Smash, Tap, Click, Clash, Sputter…. Clang, Clack, Clunk, Clatter, Knock, Beep!!!!  Rattle, Rumble, Flap, Jingle, Snip, Hum….  Onomatopoeia is the grammatical definition - however in day to day urban living these are the random rhythm to which our lives are attuned. They are phonetics of synchronized motion. 

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Some jump, few stutter and the rest walk over – each a personalised instance to breach the divide between the boogie and the platform. Of course, a standardised infrastructure may allow ease of access and solutions to all, but what then about the interplay of interactions? So, what is this last mile – a measurable gap or a linkage of fragmented experiences?


Welcome; curves ahead; use dipper at night; keep distance; meals available; goods carrier; visit us again.  Do not exhale, for this is a churning cocktail; that unfurls an unknown tale, with every passing trail. Edged with a guardrail, so that one does not derail; it runs across various economies of scale, allowing communities to unveil. STOP! Slow Down! Just inhale! 

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Across the city a little raised - sometimes widening, at times disappearing and many a times gone missing. A path not just for connection but one for everyone’s ad hoc consumption. For one’s little shade, an others small shop, for a group to sit and as someone’s shelter. An occupied threshold – owned by few; used by many; belonging to all.

Releasing 08 November 2019
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