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To meet a temporary temptation, to declare a required break, to mark an in between time and even as a supplement to encourage work, there are quintessential items that do not serve as an alternative to hunger but as a requisite of habit. One whose consumption is not measured by etiquettes, but by the munches and the conversations it generates.

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For declaration of a successful event, for rating among peers, for demonstration of status and even for acceptance within a family - there lies a single measure. That of flavor, aroma, uniqueness, variance, and now nutrition from that meant for nourishment and care.  Currently, its plated to certify class and credibility for the self than to feed and serve others. 

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One of the lasting flavors of food is memory. One that develops due to a distinct taste, for the manner it is served, the way it imparts an identity and even with whom it is shared. A palate that remains to linger longer and over time prepares into an esoteric tale which one
knows, only few will be privy to.

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