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The power of independence is to have the right to make a choice. A constitutional right that is granted by democracy through the act of elections. However, this act is regularly discussed and classified based on poll results. Is then the consequence of choice more important than the idea of being able to freely, willingly and knowingly cast your right?

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LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION – three words that have long escaped the limits of a film set and perched itself into every household, onto cultural identities and currently even within political agendas. If movies are meant for entertainment then how far should this show be allowed to penetrate, to affect the idiosyncrasies of the population? But then, is it just merely entertainment?

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At the stroke of the midnight hour, INDIA awakened, following a divide. In the following years the country through language, ethnography, population and creed further enacted upon this act to divide. Till date finding ever so novel methods to enforce this act. What purpose does the divide serve –growth or gain? Merely a political regime or a deep seeded desire?

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Punjab’91: 126; Mumbai ’93: 257; Delhi’05: 70; Chattisgarh’10: 84. The effects of these numbers mean that a country is now overlooked through the eyes of cameras and guns.  But which eye oversees the acts of terror created through oppression? Then who and what are we protecting through security measures if the common man still lives daily under intimidation and fear?

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From monopolised broadcasting to providing extended coverage to becoming spokespersons of chosen political parties and investors, television journalism has trodden a path towards the realm of sensationalism. How does then one regulate the contents of news – fake, biased, manipulative or provocative? The important question here is then, why is today’s news understood and judged based on this notion of content?

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Engineering; Medical and Management - the three identities post independent INDIA invested upon towards expressing a modern and developing country. The result: a careful mushrooming of institutes of national recognition that is currently multiplying their presence to a greater prominence. By continuously encouraging education that strive towards innovation have we developed a prejudice against education that are oriented to invigorate?

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